Monday, February 14, 2011

Sharks coming out of walls

I'm sure that at least 78% of the world's population would state that mounted animal heads are slightly creepy. Given that statistic, I'm almost positive that at least 99% of the world' population would agree that a live shark coming out of the wall is more than slightly creepy; I certainly think it is.

Irrational Fear courtesy of Nephi of Provo, UT 

Calling All Fears!

Some friends and I were talking one day about irrational fears, meaning those fears that are ridiculously illogical and that really shouldn't be fears at all. They ranged from "urban bears" that attack in densely populated metropolitan areas, to "flying mustaches" that are actually bats, to eyeball-sucking vacuums. The more we talked, the more our sides hurt from laughing, and the more I wanted to bring these rather hilarious irrational fears to life. And that, my friends, is when the idea for this blog was born. 

Each week I'll be posting a new illustration depicting an irrational fear. In order to create these images I need ideas, which is where you come in. Send me your irrational fears at If yours is chosen then not only will it be posted online, but you'll also receive a free print. So tell me, what silly things twist your stomach into fearful knots?